GERMAN TOOLS INSPECTION LTD provided non-destructive testing of the elevator. Elevators, as developed for the drilling industry, are hinged devices with handles that are used to wrap around the tool joint of drill pipe, casing or lift nipples (for collars) to facilitate the lifting or lowering of them singly or of the drill string as a whole. The Customer is well aware that timely non-destructive testing in operating conditions is the key to safe and trouble-free work.

Inspection of the elevator modification KM89-125 t was done in the following sequence:

  Preparation for control.

  Visual inspection, which is an integral initial process before any method.


  Magnetization of the part using the black&white magnetic particle method to identify defects according to regulatory documentation.

  After the inspection, we found defects such as microcracks on the elevator body.

In conclusion, we provided the Customer a technical act with the abovementioned defects and recommended decommissioning the elevator.