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About company

GERMAN TOOLS INSPECTION LTD provides non-destructive testing (NDT) services in the following industries:

  • oil & gas

  • agricultural

  • chemical

  • food

  • energy 

  • construction engineering

  • marine transportation


  Own NDT Laboratory


The company provides  the full range of NDT techniques in the sectors of processing equipment for oil industry facilities, namely drilling towers, ground and underground drilling equipment (drilling pipes, downhole motors, bottom drill string components, drilling line and pump system), oil and gas pipelines, lifting cranes tower types and their components.

GERMAN TOOLS INSPECTION LTD also provides the visual inspection of indoor, inaccessible, confined space via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at such facilities as marine holds, tankers, bridges, overpasses, tanks, furnaces, tanks, tanks transportation of hydrocarbons, elevators, silos, containers, chimneys and boilers.

NDT services are provided by specialists trained in Germany according to ISO 9712 in the independent certification center DGZfP (Berlin) in Switzerland, in FLYABILITY certification center (Paudex) and in the association of independent experts UKREKSPERT (Kyiv).

All operations are conducted in compliance with all standards and requirements, meeting the advanced needs stated in the technology of NDT and visual inspection using UAVs both in Europe and worldwide.

Company Goal

Professional specialists, modern technological inspection methods is the guarantee of our quality and the key to your success

Certification Center of USNDT
EN ISO 9712:2012 Certification
Our team

Purposeful and persistent professionals who use the best world experience to ensure an effective result of NDT

Head of NDT
Head of NDT
Viacheslav Volochai
Engineer of NDT 
Engineer of NDT 
Taras Leshchenko
Engineer of NDT
Engineer of NDT
Serhii Nahniy